Chapter 2
The Impact of Patient-Centered Care

A Champion for Young Leaders

Through serving as principal investigator on the National Institute of Health's Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions for over 16 years, Peralta developed a deep understanding of the tools needed to immediately link patients to HIV care. She co-founded Casa Ruben, a foundation created in honor of her father, where she connects people who have no health insurance to health care services free of charge. Meanwhile, her research on health systems innovation led her to join the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Innovation and Global Leadership Program. In 2011, she was inducted to the Maryland Hall of Fame and appointed to the state's Health Care Commission.

As a leader, Peralta continues to mentor the young people she serves, so they can advocate for policy changes that can improve their health care and reduce HIV-related health disparities in their communities. "We need to economically invest in adolescents because they are our future and they are going to be our leaders," she says.


Thank you to Ligia Peralta, Markell Jones, Mayo McClinton, and Chakeisha Dickens for allowing us to share their stories. Thanks as well to Casa Ruben and Family Health Centers of Baltimore for their accommodation and granting film permission.

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